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Privacy Policy / Datenschutzrichtlinie


This Privacy Policy defines how the Side by Side App collects and uses users personal and non-personal information and data.

Personal Data:
- We respect your privacy rights and recognizes the importance of protecting any information collected about you. 
We do not collect any personal user data.
  The camera will be used only for reading barcodes, which contain valid side by side puzzle data. No pictures or other barcodes will be stored.
- We use Google Analytics to analyze anonymous aggregated usage data for our application.

Non-Personal Data:
- We don't use any advertising frameworks and don't collect any non-personal data.

Google Play Services and Game Center:
We will not support Google Play Services and Game Center. 

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15x15 puzzle

Hinweis: Diese Puzzles sind auch unter dem Namen Sukoro bekannt (Zeitschrift: Nikoli)